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Today 24 May at 10:50 a.m. was found in a hotel room Paul Gray death.

The police says it was no fight o something like that, but for some coments in Twitter, Google and other sites he die by an alchol or overdose, some witness saw thing like he's bass out of the hotel.

Here is the Notice more cmpleted diferents sites:

or more completed:


http://www.slipknot-metal.com/main.php ?subaction=showcomments&id=1274736745&

Paul was a very nice and positive man as i get to know, he was the Co-leader or founder of the Heavy metal band Slipknot, my favorite h-m band, with out him the band, look, spirit, lyrics and positivism will never arise in the firts times. He dies waiting for a son and he just have 38 years old.

I hope the all maggots of the world, newgrounders and people will remebers this and pray, realise, fell the this lost of a Hero in Metal History, and pary to God or otherwise this be a joke or a bad sugestion of the case about the bassist death, so please dedicate a minute to think about this lost.

Some History:

Paul Gray was born in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, April 8, 1972. He had some African American families.

In the death metal boom of the late 80s, had his first band dora breast in 1989 but in 1991, changed its name to Catharsisis inveighed. In 1993 the band split and later that year formed the death metal band called Body Pit, this group helped Joey Jordison's band, called Modifidious, in this band (Body), also participated Mick Thomson on guitar. In 1995 he left the band and along with Shawn Crahan, Slipknot began to create.

The period coincided with the rise of the genre which were generally registered the so-called nu metal, alternative metal way less harsh which is characterized by the presence of industrial elements and hip hop with rapping in their formula, although in the case of Slipknot the merger would emphasize in the atmosphere heavier.

Within suscoros within the band stand out choruses as "Spit it Out", "Get This", "People = Shit", "Disasterpiece", "Three Nil," "Pulse of the Maggots" and "Before I Forget."

He had a very forgiving person, and is one of the most composed.

Send some crazy shit at:

and all the pages you know, and thanks for read this, for all the maggots in this page Stay (sic).

Wee always be remember Paul Gray an Powerfull bassists, vocal and Founder of Slipknot.

Paul Gray's death.

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